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Be it missed deadlines, excessive strain from your studies, problems within your family or in the shared flat, or perhaps a broken heart over a past relationship: At Nightline, the telephone hotline for Zurich students, small and large concerns are heard.

With us you can talk and write confidentially and anonymously about everything that's on your mind. No matter if you just want to get something off your chest or if your world is collapsing right now - we are there for you!

You can of course also contact us if you have a study-related problem, another random question, or if just want to chat a little.


With professional help, difficult phases in life, burdens while studying or conflicts during the doctorate can be overcome more easily. We provide you with competent support - even in acute crises. The counseling center is open to all students and doctoral candidates at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. The consultations are free and confidential. The discussions can be held in German, English, French and Polish. We are there for you from Monday to Friday, also during the semester and Easter holidays.


You will receive appointments by email.


The students of the Faculty of Science help each other. Its much easier to learn in unison!

The principle of the project is very simple: Higher semesters help lower semesters - free of charge.

The free tutoring is aimed at all students who have questions in chemistry / biochemistry / biology / physics / practical chemistry & biochemistry or mathematics.


In this semester, tutoring takes place twice a week during the semester.

Your Study association

The study associations play an extremely important role at UZH. Many committed students act as representatives of their subject beyond their studies. They tend to be very knowledgeable and offer valuable advice and help - or if they can't, they know where to get the info. So if you need help, your study association is always a reliable point of contact.


In case your subject does not have a study association, you can also found one yourself or revive it.

But we don't have one!

If you don't have one, start one. Our Impulsfabrik will be happy to help you.

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